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9 années d'expérience


avril 2013 / octobre 2015 - CLIENT SERVICE DIRECTOR (CDI)- TBWA Paris / Luxury Art Lab (Omnicom group)

Nina Ricci (F&F) - Paco Rabanne (F&F) - VICHY - New business development (+2M€ annual budget) - Broadcast KPI’s culture, support Q&A and timing responsibilities as budget direction. - Direct management of 5 FTE. - Lead a cross-functional team of 12 talents (data, strategist, creative, editor-in-chief, UX, developer). - Develop monthly meetings and annual workshops with industry stakeholders to forecast key opportunities from marketing tools as mobile and tablet platforms, social media strategy, brand content development and e-PR activations). Nina Ricci & Paco Rabanne • Set-up 6 annual product launches bond to the yearly social media content production 
 (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and 4 e-PR video content). • Build a digital brand loyalty program connected to in-store shopping behavior geared towards value 
 back-to-business stakes. • Develop and produce a dedicated mobile e-CRM platform and manage the related content production 
 (4 personal statuses + animation, weekly content, monthly challenges). Vichy • Frame a data-focused platform to propose a tailored brand experience from product centric answers to 
 user seeking behavior. • Build an « editorial newsroom » delivering 5/6 weekly content based on cosmetic trends from online data and annual contextual topics. • Manage the production of a quality content at scale for 20 countries, leading a dedicated team including the editor-in-chief, scientist expert, suppliers and media agency, providing a reac

Projet principal:
L'oréal - PUIG groupe

janvier 2011 / mai 2013 - ACCOUNT DIRECTOR (CDI)- MARCEL Worldwide - (Publicis groupe)

Heineken - Granola - Nescafé - Oenobiol - BNP (+2 M€ annual budget) - Integrate digital culture as a main asset of a brand experience. - Support brand legacy by introducing tactical media strategy and scale content production. - Lead budget and planning efficiency. Heineken • Raise the Heineken brand promise « Be Men of the world » via a mobile experience, delivering daily content connected to user interactions with the brand. •Lead a team in house creative talents and New York-based screenwriter (Steven Levitan / Modern Family) to produce the UX app and the 365 annual content. •Manage the contracts and budget framed both with partners and client. Granola • Elaborate a new brand promise for the 3-year communication plan linked to marketing business challenges. •Build up a unified content strategy across customer interaction points (TV, Outdoor, social media, mobile, PR). •Manage the media plan and investment roll out. Nescafe •Elaborate a PR event to broadcast on social media. •Conceive a vending machine that deliver coffee to people who are able to identify a sound that only people under 20 years old can hear (scientific studies). •Define the media and E-PR strategy with precise budget investment and KPI’s management. Oenobiol •Design and develop the digital platform to present the whole line of products. • Initiate the switch from a classic offline CRM program to an online mobile CRM strategy. Bnp • Define a pedagogic user-centric approach to

Projet principal:
Granola (mondelez groupe) - Heineken - Nescafé

avril 2008 / février 2011 - INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNT MANAGER (CDI)- Publicis Net (Publicis group)

Garnier International (+ 3M€ annual budget) • Manage the communication plan of 10 annual product launches with the WW central team. • Adapt and deploy each product campaign in 30 local market. • Implement a KPI’s strategy with the local media agencies. • Develop business with the local Garnier manager. • Animate the annual « Garnier country meeting » to present the digital innovation and best campaign cases.

Projet principal:

Formations et Langues

2006 - Master - EFAP - Graduate School of Communication and Marketing

2003 - DEUG - University of Finance, Aix en Provence, France


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