Daniel V

Domaine :
Digital, Vidéo, Développement, Gestion de projet
Métier :
Chef de Projet , Conseiller en communication, Consultant en Stratégie, Développeur Mobile, Directeur Artistique, Directeur de Production, Graphiste 3D, Infographiste 3D, Réalisateur
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Projet 01


Showreel qui représente un ensemble de projets livrés aux services des agences et annonceurs.

Agence : SHOWREEL 2020

Projet 02

Group Coty - Marque Prada

For the launch of the Carbon version of its Luna Rossa fragrance, PRADA wanted to shine a spotlight on its entire range. I rose to the challenge, using Kinect technology to create an experience that connected a scent stone installation to an auto-stereoscopic screen. The result was amazing, with dedicated 3D animations for each of the three universes exploding onto the screen, in perfect synch with the customer’s movements.

Agence : En direct avec la marque

Projet 03


An Augmented Reality internal training tool, aimed at Chanel beauty assistants throughout the world. For this training session, a glasses case, a leaflet about the experience and a personalized cleaning cloth are handed out. Using augmented reality, users can explore the iconic showroom at 31 rue Cambon through the glasses case, along with the workshop of Lucia Pica, Chanel’s master make-up artist. Thanks to these two universes - each one modelled in 3D - the sales team finds out how to match Chanel’s eyewear to each customer’s make-up or look.

Agence : En direct avec la marque


Projet 04


As part of the RED KISS and ULTRA RED campaign with Natalie Portman, I created the RedWall installation for both campaigns. The application created for the occasion allows the user to choose their. The tailor made application allows the user to customize their reflexion in real time to find the perfect lipstick. The result is directly shareable on their own device or TV screen. For each content generated and shared on #rougedior999, Parfums Christian Dior committed to contribute $1 to the @WEMOVEMENT association.



Projet 05


In order to communicate at every milestone of the tournament, a digital platform was built and used as a marketing hub. The campaign started on TV at a worldwide scale; football legend Zinédine Zidane was playing talent scout, looking for the most passionate football enthusiasts he could find. Orange then invited the audience to go online and dig deeper into the experience, this time at 360°. The 360° film puts you in the shoes of the “best fan in the world”, chosen by Zinédine Zidane himself. It was released on social media and on the “Orange Sponsors You” digital platform, scoring more than 8 million views worldwide.

Agence : En direct avec la marque

Orange Sponsors You The star of the UEFA Euro 2016

Projet 06


As a world premiere in Mixed Reality, this innovative multisensory experience was tested in New York and then deployed in Buenos Aires. An olfactory experience, faceted by virtual reality. Wearing a VR helmet, customers chose one of seven scent stones - each representing a different scent universe. A way to explore their ideal fragrance through their favorite atmospheres - and discover the range of luxury fragrances from Coty, Burberry, Chloé and Gucci. I was responsible for design, prototyping, production and development, as well as testing, international deployment and installation.

Agence : En direct avec la marque