Raphaël G

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Digital, Vidéo, Print
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Concepteur Rédacteur
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Projet 01


Concept and copy - Pitch ideas for the launch of the New Škoda Fabia at the Paris Motor Show.

Agence : Leagas Delaney

Projet 02

Penguin Books

Concept, copy and art direction – Poster campaign for the book publisher Penguin.

Agence : RG

  • First Lines
  • First Lines
  • First Lines
  • First Lines

Projet 03

Jura Whisky

Concept and copy – Brand campaign for Jura Whisky.

Agence : The Union

  • Manifesto
  • Copy Ad
  • Poster 1
  • Poster 2

Projet 04

Rio City Hall - 2016 Olympic Games

Concept and copy – Campaign to promote the changes the Olympic Games will bring to Rio de Janeiro, and reassure that the positive effects will remain to be enjoyed by the population after the games.

Agence : Prole

  • Worker and Athlete 1
  • Worker and Athlete 2

Projet 05


Copy – Dealership print ads.

Agence : Leagas Delaney

  • Dealership 1
  • Dealership 2
  • Dealership 3

Projet 06

Nhá Benta

Concept and copy – Mobile app to promote Brazilian chocolate Nhá Benta.

Agence : Fischer + Fala

  • Nhá Benta 1
  • Nhá Benta 2
  • Nhá Benta 3
  • Nhá Benta 4
  • Nhá Benta 5
  • Nhá Benta 6

Projet 07

ESPN Esports Channel

Concept and copy – Print ad to celebrate the International Basketball Day.  Headline:  'Scrunch up this ad and throw it in the bin.' Copy: 'ESPN’s tribute to Basketball Day.'

Agence : Duda Propaganda

Basketball Day

Projet 08

Playcenter Amusement Park

Concept and copy – Playcenter is one of the biggest amusement parks in Brazil, and every year they promote a horror theme night. This year, the theme was about spirits.

Agence : Dim & Canzian

Projet 09


Concept and copy – print ad for the Mexican Film Festival of the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro. Headline: 'Mexican Film Festival. It's good to arrive a bit early.'

Agence : Quê


Projet 10

ESPN Sports Channel

Concept and copy – Poster to promote the variety of sports exhibited in ESPN Sports Channel. Headline:  'You have never seen so many sports in the same place.'

Agence : Duda Propaganda


Projet 11

KFH lettings

Concept and copy – Campaign to promote London estate agent KFH.

Agence : R&S

  • Home 1
  • Home 2
  • Home 2

Projet 12


Personal projects involving street art and poetry. 

Agence : _

  • Poetry 1
  • Poetry 2
  • Poetry 3
  • Poetry 4
  • Street Art: #FomTheHard
  • Street Art: #FomTheHard
  • Street Art: #FomTheHard
  • Street Art: #FomTheHard
  • Street Art: #FomTheHard